Similar applications like Square Quick Editor

Square Quick EditorSquare quick Editor is one of the best photos editing software that you can have. The application has made success in a very short time. Since the development of this application, there has been a gradual increase in its popularity and users. There are many similar applications that can help you to edit photos. You can easily find them in google play store or any other apps sites. Some of the similar applications like square quick editor are listed below.

You can download Square Quick application from google play store

Similar applications like Square Quick Editor:

RetricaThis is the photo editing software that is filled with different filters. The simple and easy to use interface makes it very popular among teenagers. The application offers more than hundred live filters and 20 layouts to its users. You can also add metrics stamps on your photos to make them more interesting.



B612:The application has been awarded best the selfie software in 2015. The application is designed to have an ultimate selfie experience. The application has also introduced the selfie videos to the world. You can also switch easily to the rear camera.


Candy Camera:

Candy Camera:With the help of this application, you can have beautiful photos anywhere and anytime. With the silent mode and excellent filter, the applicator will help you to get awesome photos. The beauty function of the camera can also help you to add make-up to the photos. It also supports stickers for all occasion and this is making the photos memorable.


PicsArt Photo:

PicsArt PhotoYou can take creative pictures with the help of this application. The application helps you to edit photos instantaneously. You can also make photo collage with this application. You will also get drawing and painting tools in the application and can add different fun stickers to the photos as well.


Overall, the square quick is one of the best applications when it comes to editing photos. The application is compatible with all the phones and tablets and this is why it is liked by many users. The device is compatible with devices that have android version 2.3 or more. The application edits the picture with high resolution. It can help you to share the updated pictures with your friends and family easily. With the touch of a single button, you can share the images on all social media websites. Using Square Quick Editor you can also send photos to different messaging applications.

Note: In the latest version , the developers have removed all the bugs. Square Quick Editor now run smoothly on all android devices.

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