Square Quick Editor – Photo Editor for Andriod

square quick logoSquare Quick is an application which is used for photo editing. Photo editing is a process of converting a simple natural photograph into your way, and then it can be used for publication. The process of photo editing includes adding color, sharpness or brightness in a particular photo. In photo editing, you can also make two photographs from one or combine two pictures to make one.

In the past, photo editing was normally done by professionals which require time and money but with the advent of technology various software and applications are introduced which can perform this task very quickly. Now a day there is a number of application available which can be used for the purpose of photo editing. These applications offer various editing techniques and have their complications.

Recently, a new application for photo editing is launched which is named as Square Quick. With the help of Square Quick, you can cut your picture from the photograph and use it for editing. In many of the photo editing applications, you have to crop your desired part for editing but in Square Quick, no photo cropping is required. You can simply square out the required part from the picture.


Square Quick Application was developed by Charming Apps and is compatible with Andriod 2.3 and up. You can also run this application on iPhone having iOS 7.0 and up.

Square Quick Features:

square quick You can make a simple and natural photo more attractive by applying some effects. With the help of square quick, you can make various changes to a particular photo and make it more beautiful. This application allows you to edit your photo without cropping it and provides you a variety of features. Below is the list of some main features offered by the square quick.

Emoticons: To make a photo funny and stylish, square quick allows you to add emojis to your photo. You can add one or more emojis to a photo and make it look like the way you want. Square quick application keeps on adding new emoticons but for this, you have to keep the latest version.

Change Background: Square quick application allows you to change the background of your photo. A list of backgrounds is given in the application which can be applied to a photo. Some of the backgrounds effects in the application include Gradient, Mosaic, Double blur and many more. So, choose the background according to the color of your photo and give it a new look.

Color Marks: You can add different color marks at the corner of the photo to make it look different and unique. This will help you in getting more likes and love form your friends and family.

PIP Frame: To increase the excitement and fun in your photo, you can add PIP frame and other attractive backgrounds.

Hashtags: New hashtag pages are introduced in the square quick which will increase your number of likes and boost up your following on Instagram.

Light Leak Effect: A unique light leak effect is introduced in the square quick which makes your photo surprisingly beautiful. This will give an artistic look to your photo.

Add Signature: Square quick app allows you to add a signature to your photo. This will make your photo unique and in this way you can also tell your friends that how you are enjoying your square quick editorexperience of using square quick. Adding signature to a photo can help you to personalize any photo. You can also choose the writing style of your signature and can place it anywhere on your photo.

Share: You can import photos in the square quick either from the phone gallery or take from the camera. Photos captured from other camera applications like Candy Camera, Line Camera, BeautyPlus or any other app can also be imported to square quick for the purpose of editing. These edited photos can be easily uploaded to different social media websites like facebook and twitter. The application also allows you to share the photos by WhatsApp and Viber etc.

30 Filters:  30 filters are given in square quick which can help you changing the photo. These filters can give a new look to a photo and can make it more beautiful.

Rotate, Flip or Resize: To add more fun to your photos, square quick allows you to change the basic interface of your photos. This means that you can rotate your photos, flip them as you like and most importantly change the size of your photos.

square quick brushAdd Text: Square Quick allows you to add text to your photo. Different font styles are given in the square quick application which can be used to write the text on the photo. You can also change the color of the fonts. The size and the position of the fond can also be adjusted

Blur effects: Square quick app has introduced a new effect which can blur your photo. You can take any random photo of you with your friends or with a background and you can blur the unnecessary objects easily. With the help of blur effects, the application will only focus the desired part of the photo and blur all the remaining photo.

Compatibility: Square quick application runs on both mobile as well as on tablets. So, you can easily edit your favorite photos using the tablet or your phone.

Different Effects: You can add different effect to the photos and the background can also be changed quickly with the help of the application. You can add different photos from the gallery as your background image and in this way; you can merge two photos to make one.

Square Quick Reviews:

The application is considered as one of the best editing application in the world and it has been downloaded more than 5 million times on the Android play store. The application has received more than 62 thousand reviews and the overall score of the application is 4.5. Some of the reviews are given by the users are given below:

“Awesome application to edit the photos and make them memorable” Thumbs Up

“The application makes the photos look beautiful, and I recommend this application to all users.”

How to use Square Quick:square quick pro

The application is very easy to use, also try showbox. You can take a picture and edit in less than a minute. With plenty of features to edit the picture, this is one of the best photos editing application in the world. When you open the application, you will see four options in the menu. The four options are square, camera, effect and grid. You will find the information on all these options below:


square quick effectsBy tapping this option, you can open any photos that are in your phone memory. The photo will be quickly uploaded and will be ready to use. The photos can be edited using different options present in this section. You can change the outer frame of the photo. There are more than 50 outer frames to choose from. You can also add different filters to the photos. The best thing about this application is that you get the option of adding text to the photos. Most editing software do not allows adding text to the photos, but this application is an exception when it comes to this feature. Different stickers can also be added to the photos. The developers behind this application regularly add new emoticons and stickers to the software.


The second option that you will see in the application is the camera. By pressing this option, you will be redirected to the default camera application. You can easily switch between front and back camera. The application will automatically adjust the photo size and this will ensure that you have can do flawless editing. When you take a picture, all the other editing options will be available.


The third option in the menu is the effect. In this option, you will be able to add the effect to the image and also its background. You can add different colors to the images and can flip the image with the touch of a button. You can also add another image from the internal storage to make the background of the image.


The fourth option of the application will help to you to make photo collage. You will find different layouts and frames to make your collage. There are over 100 layouts in the application. The best thing about this application is that it is very easy to change the background color and the border colors. You can also add emojis in the collage quickly. With simple gestures to flip, rotate and resize the photos, you can make your collage memorable. You can also add font in your collage so that you do not miss any memory.

Share Key:

You will find the shared key on the top right corner of the application. With the help of share key, you can share the images quickly. The sharing option allows you to save the photo in the internal memory, and you can also share the photos using different messaging applications.